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Bringing Awareness To 30 km/hr Speed Limit With: SCHOOL ZONE SYMBOLS AND TEXTS

Sutton Road Marking Ltd. has partnered with The City of Surrey’s Traffic Management Section to introduce new measures in an effort to enhance safety on busy arterial roads. This is part of an ongoing 6 phase program that began in the summer of 2017.

“The School Zone Awareness Pilot (SZA) program was designed to help reduce traffic speeds in front of schools…that do not qualify for traffic calming (speed humps).” Says, Senior Traffic Management Technologist, Ken Lee.

After reviewing the results of Phase 1, the City announced they will continue with pavement marking in Phase 2, “due to the high cost and problems…with the school flashing beacons.”

Hence, our fluorescent Strong-Yellow-Green (StrongYG) SCHOOL text and symbol markings have been installed to help increase awareness of where the reduced speed limits begin; encouraging motorists to comply with the 30 km/hr. school zone speed limits.

With these new cost-effective applications that are aimed at producing results; Sutton Road Marking Ltd., is determined to help increase awareness and improve road safety around schools in the City of Surrey, as well as other neighbouring/bordering municipalities.

This initiative is supported by community partners including ICBC and the Surrey RCMP.

“We appreciate your efforts to encourage the entire school community to pay attention, slow down and make safety the right choice.”

Team Lead of Traffic Operations, Kristen Tiede.