High Friction Surfacing

High friction surfacing is typically used in high conflict areas where traction of vehicles and pedestrians has been compromised. It is able to adhere to most surfaces including asphalt, concrete, steel and wood. 

The system comprises a MMA base which is then dressed with a natural, colored or pigmented aggregate (typically Chinese bauxite) and then given another coat of MMA clearcoat to seal the surface. 

It is mostly applied (but not limited to) approaches to intersections, pedestrian crossings, cycle lanes, foot bridges, steel platforms, ferry ramps, multistory car parks and bridge decks.


  • Durable product with proven long term performance in the most demanding locations
  • ​Chemically resistant to oils, greases and fuels​
  • Acts as a water proof layer​
  • Suitable for “no flame” sites​
  • Well suited for a large range of base surfaces

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