Inlaid Marking

The ultimate in durability and longevity, inlaid road markings are applied to ground-out sections of asphalt to create markings flush with the road surface, or 2-3 mm above the road surface

Inlaying the markings instead of applying them to the road surface extends the expected maintenance interval by 2 – 3 times on average, as they are more stable overall and highly resistant to damage from snowplow blades and other high-stress activity.

Due to their durability, inlaid markings are most suitable for urban applications in high-wear areas. They perform well for both longitudinal lines and transverse markings, and a single application is often enough for the life of the surface.


  • The most durable road marking product available
  • Twice as durable as surface-applied markings (on average)
  • Can be applied flush or 2-3mm above road surface
  • No maintenance required for 7-10 years (on average)
  • Very good retro-reflectivity mitigates damage from snowplow blades
  • Great for longitudinal or transverse markings

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