RIBLINE is a high performance thermoplastic containing high quality synthetic resins, plasticizer, polymers, glass beads, pigment, aggregates and fillers. Its purpose is to increase road safety and improve visibility during dark and wet conditions. The material is installed at rapid rates using specialized equipment to create a series of raised “ribs.”

The thermoplastic is applied by a screed technique, through a special shoe, which has a controlled shutter to create the distinctive rib pattern of the marking. To give good drainage characteristics, a drainage channel should be incorporated into the line at predetermined intervals.

It is mandatory that the base line and ribs shall be formed in one continuous integral process. The base line shall be screed applied at 2 mm / 3 mm thickness; and the ribs at 8 mm / 11 mm thickness above the base line. A microprocessor controlled mechanical shutter shall be used to form the solid ribs at spacing’s dictated by the contract but generally at 500 mm centers.

Immediately following application of the line, a double-drop system of all-weather beads shall be applied at a typical rate of 150 g/m^2, then standard glass beads at 450 g/m^2 by an applicator gun.  ​All-weather beads include ultra-high, 1.9-2.4 blend refractive index micro-crystalline ceramic beads. 

Lines are tack free within 10 minutes at an ambient air temperature.


  • High profile gives auditory, vibratory and sensory warning to alert tired or inattentive drivers of lane transgressions​
  • Excellent durability; designed to maintain structure throughout its functional life​
  • Profile of marking provides improved drainage and enhanced visibility during dark and wet conditions​
  • High performance formulation for superior levels of colour and heat stability​
  • Fast installation and curing times for minimal traffic disruption

Learn more from our RIBLINE specs brochure