Spray Thermoplastic

Spray thermoplastic is most commonly used for center lines, edge lines and lane lines. It’s more economical that extruded thermoplastic yet still yields a durability far greater than conventional paint applications.

It is a rapid dry product (tracking time less that 10 seconds), thus eliminating traffic delays and damage to the line caused by vehicles.

It is applied at 450°F to create a bond with the asphalt resulting in great durability. Our spray thermoplastic is made of alkyd products making it resistant to petroleum products that may fall from vehicles.


  • More durable than conventional paint​
  • Reduced maintenance cost over life span of road (5 times longer)​
  • Cost effective (twice the cost)​
  • Free from volatile organic compounds​​
  • Ready for traffic in under 30 seconds

Thermoplastic Best Practices Application Guide