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The Art Council’s 50th Anniversary

Sutton Road Marking is proud to have had the chance to install the Art Spot pavement markings on King George Boulevard at 88th Avenue, near Surrey Arts Centre, and at 72nd Avenue, not far from Newton Cultural Centre.

We thank the City of Surrey and the Arts Council for letting us be a part of this legacy. The intent for this project was to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Arts Council and to indicate the passerby’s they are nearing the Cultural Centre.

“We’ve never done a decorative decal before. This is the first time we’ve done a project to commemorate something.” Said Matthew Sutton-Atkins, Operations Manager at Sutton Road Marking.

We used two types of products:

The circular decal that is placed in the “dead-zone” is our preformed thermoplastic marking that is highly durable. In this scenario, the placement of the decal was predetermined for vehicles to not drive over; and because of this, it will last a longer period with minimal amount of retouching needed.

The colour-pigmented crosswalks are made up of our MMA product. Our usual MMA installations are driven on daily. Therefore, with foot traffic, we know this crosswalk should last for years−most likely the whole duration of the concrete’s lifespan.